be baptized

We rejoice that you or your child have been called by our loving God!

Lutherans baptize infants and adults alike.  We believe it is God's gracious act in baptism that we called together in Christian community.  Baptisms take place throughout the year.  You are encouraged to consider selecting godparents (or sponsors), those who are willing to help support your or your child in their faith formation.  Call the office for date availability.

Receive Communion

This is the Lord's Supper - not Faith Lutheran's or pastor's table.  We are called to share the meal of forgiveness by our Lord's invitation.  Regardless of your denomination, you are welcome to receive the sacrament.  You do not have to ask for permission to receive communion.

But you might wonder about a child or someone who has never been to church before...

When a child approaches the communion line with their hands lifted up, they know there's something special they are about to receive.  Please know this is the best indication that someone is ready in their heart and in their spirit.  

Faith Lutheran Church offers classes to help deepen an understanding of this sacrament. These classes are meant for all ages.  Contact us for the next class date.

Get Married

Congratulations!  We are happy to celebrate with you!

Please contact the church office. Because Faith is currently seeking a new permanent pastor, special arrangements will need to be discussed, based on an available pastor from the community.

Funerals and memorial services are important parts of our faith journey.  While this bodily life will come to an end and we mourn with loss, we also celebrate the fact that death does not have the final word.  

  • Upon the death of a loved one:

    • Please contact the office as soon as possible for spiritual care and optimal scheduling of the funeral/visitation.

  • for pre-planing:

    • Connect with Pastor at your earliest convenience.  Everyone, regardless of age or health condition, is encouraged to think about what scripture and hymns have been meaningful in their life.  These considerations will help your family and pastor provide a beautiful ceremony that exemplifies your personality.

Have a funeral here

Join us for a joyful noise!  It doesn't matter if you sing in the Chorale Society or if you haven't looked at sheet music since high school.  We encourage you to participate with your God-given talents.  

Connect with the Music Director, Beth Lasky, to find a place for you. Please call the church office, 989-791-0162, and leave a message for her.

Sing in the choir,

Ring the bells,

play an instrument

serve communion,
work the A/V booth
during worship

What a gift to serve!  Please speak an usher for this fantastic discipleship opportunity!

Please call the church office. Based on the type of concern you have, you will be directed to the proper church leader or someone in the community.

While pastors are not therapists and should not replace the services of therapists, they do provide pastoral counseling.  Concerns about suicidal thoughts, self-harm and abuse should always be directed to 9-1-1 emergency services.  The Lutheran Church recognizes addiction, abuse and violence are true crises that cannot simply be "prayed away".  These require in-depth counseling and/or medication.  This church views the work of therapists and counselors, as well as the availability of modern medication, as gifts from God to help restore the person to wholeness again.

I have something on my mind...


Notice we didn't say "Become Members" right away?  Not that we don't want you to be members, but we don't place a high emphasis on numbers.  We hope you grow and blossom in spirit, become active in your faith life, fall in love with God, and then become drawn into the life of the church. 

By the way, we do receive new members during Easter Vigil (Saturday before Easter) and on Reformation Sunday in October.  If you’re curious about that next step, please call the church office, 99-791-0162.