What is Holy Week?

What is Holy Week? These are days the church remembers and celebrates the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  The early church called these last three days, "Holy Triduum".  Thursday through Saturday are not meant to be viewed as three separate worship services, but one continuous act of remembrance that leads to the Easter moment - the jubilant exclamation that "He is Risen!"

Maundy Thursday

  • What happened in scripture?

    • This is the night Jesus dined with his disciples for the last time.  This is the night Jesus was betrayed by Judas.  Jesus also gave the mandate (hence, 'Maundy') that we should take care of one another.  He modeled this posture of servanthood by getting on the ground and washing his disciples feet.  
  • How does worship reflect this?

    • In our worship, we eat the meal and we wash feet.  We share the mandate to cleanse others.  You are invited to come forward to have your feet washed.  We continue to wash feet to this day, just as Jesus did, because feet are indeed icky and embarrassing.  We risk our vulnerability because it is a loving act of trust and kindness to wash and be washed by others.  At the very end of worship, the altar and worship space are cleared of any decoration, symbolic of the barren emptiness of this world.  Only the bare furnishings remain, which reminds us that we are stripped of all our sins and only our bare humanity remains for God to reckon.  We leave the space in silence, awaiting the next day.

Good Friday

  • What happened in scripture?

    • This is the day Jesus was crucified.  
  • How does worship reflect this?

    • Worship begins in silence of sorrow, and we leave the worship space in silence.  We remember the sorrow of Jesus and the people gathered at the cross.  We read the Passion story, which are the events that lead to the crucifixion of Jesus.  Near the end of the Passion story, a large cross is carried into the worship space.  On this night, you are invited to approach the cross and kneel before it, touch it or pray in front of it, paying homage to the moment our Lord was crucified.  

Easter Vigil

  • What happened in scripture?

    • Because he lives, we live.  We begin the celebration of resurrected life!  In our ancient Jewish heritage, we begin our festival celebrations at sundown.  Notice your calendar says "Passover begins at sundown"?  Jesus and the people of his time would have begun the festivities the night before.  This is what we call a vigil.  Easter and Easter Vigil celebrate the end of darkness, when the temple curtain was torn in two and the centurion exclaimed, "Surely this is the Son of God!"
  • How does worship reflect this?

    • In our worship, we begin Easter, the day of resurrection, as the sun sets.  Because the events of Holy Week We gather outside around a fire that symbolizes the burning light of Christ through the veil of darkness.  We each hold candles and then enter inside to the worship space, where we hear of God's creation and liberation and redemption throughout the ages.  We sing in great jubilation.  On this night, we welcome new members into the Faith Lutheran assembly.  

Photo Directory Update

It's that time again!  We are excited to say that our new Church Photo Directory is underway.  Lifetouch will once again be creating our directory.  

Picture days will be May 1-3 and 9-11.  Please sign up for a time slot that is convenient for you.  Photography hours will be 2-8pm.

We look forward to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ being included in this directory (you do not have to be an official "member" to participate).  

Follow the link to schedule your photo shoot:  https://booknow-lifetouch.appointment-plus.com/y9vg2k46/